We do not do anything extraordinary, we are only successful because we do ordinary things quite extraordinary.
Ueli Prager (* 1916), Swiss. Restaurateur, founder and member of Management Board Moevenpick.

eQ-train ® Advising-Training-Coaching GbR is a team of trainers, consultants and coachs with extensive professional experience in sustainable human recourse and leadership development in companies.

We apply uniform standards and methods for our work and, as a key feature, use an online analysis tools to quickly identify individuals’ needs and to offer effective and personalised solutions for each company and individual.

Our goal is to establish a corporate culture of responsibility towards customers and employees. Our programe therefore includes training on ethics for every day.


Entrepreneurs, HR Managers Sales Managers
Career Advising, Coaching, Personal development
Talent Managers Candidate selection

All of our training programmes are presented by experienced, competent consultants who are experts in their various fields. We offer versatile content and innovative teaching tools to ensure that you walk away not only with an understanding of theory, but also with practical pointers to revamp your workplace routine. Get in touch with us for a one-on-one chat on how our training programmes can benefit your business.

How we work?

After assessing your specific requirements as an individual or company, our eQ-train® team will select and book the best coaches, consultants and trainers for your needs. We will then get in touch with you to finalise the terms of your training programme. Your trainer will then contact you to set up your eQ-train experience. It’s as simple as that.

What’s in it for you:
• You will be trained by competent coaches and consultants who are experts in their fields.
• Your programme will be customised to suit your specific needs.
• You will learn about human resource management and strategies for personal growth.
• You can minimise travel and accommodation costs since we have coaches nationwide – perhaps in a city near you.
• Your involvement is completely confidential, so you can rest assured that your training will be discreet.